• The Best you can Be
  • The Best you can Be
  • The Best you can Be
  • The Best you can Be
  • The Best you can Be
  • The Best you can Be
  • The Best you can Be
  • The Best you can Be
  • The Best you can Be
  • The Best you can Be

TBB Custom Apparel: The Best you can Be!

TBB Custom Apparel delivers an amazing quality of technical performance and casual apparel for triathletes, cyclists and runners on a 100% customized and personalized basis.

Having been the official performance apparel supplier of teamTBB, we have had the privilige of working directly with a large numbers of the world’s best triathletes, triathlon champions and the team’s coaching staff. 

Our partnership with teamTBB has provided us an unfair advantage over all other apparel brands and a unique opportunity to produce race apparel that has helped produce multiple champions, deliver optimal comfort and create designs that excite sponsors, upcoming athletes and the weekend warrior.


We don’t care how big our logo looks on your custom apparel, we care about three things only:

  1. How our apparel can help you perform better
  2. How we can help you excite your sponsors, club members or your company-marketing director by maximizing your sponsor and club exposure
  3. How we can help you create apparel designs that both excite and inspire anyone wearing them


What makes TBB Apparel so unique?


Most used apparel brand in Kona among professional triathletes

7 out of 85 professional athletes at the 2013 Kona start line race in TBB apparel, more than any other performance apparel manufacturer.


Winning apparel 

Many claim how good their apparel is, for us it’s very simple: if our apparel does not work, our athletes will not win races! Fortunately our teamTBB athletes produce more race-wins than any professional triathlon team in the world. 


Best fabrics found

We source the most innovative and expensive fabrics in Italy and Japan, some of the historical leading textile centers in the world. Yes, we know this comes at a premium price, but once you feel our apparel you understand it’s worth it!


Ergonomically designed

Collectively designed and tested by athletes and coaches of the worlds number 1 triathlon team.




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