21 Oct 2013

It does not matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up - Vince Lombardi

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If you are injured and dont race, there is not much to blog about. or maybe not much that triathletes would be interested about. in july I decided to get surgery for compartment syndrome in my hamstring. actually I did the same surgery in 2007 in my left leg. and it worked well then as 2008 was my best year with two podiums at Ironman and 8th at Ironman Hawaii World Champs. So I am happy to say things going the right direction again. I have been back in training mid august, only 10 days after surgery. back in full training 3 weeks after. I have a pretty decent shape at moment and if I can get this to a point where I think I am ready and fit enough to do an Ironman at top level, then I will still look at racing in Arizona or Cozumel. But I wont make any stupid decisions here. I am happy I can do the amount of training again that is necessary to be back in podium or even winning shape. but it takes a few weeks, well, I would say 2-3months of good training, to get to that point . so I have to be patient and just keep doing the solid work now. it has been a rough year and it is only up and forward from here. I am 33 years old and I want to make the next couple years the best ones in my career. I know how to be top 10 in Kona. I know the heat suits me well. 2014 will be the time to put the pieces back together. I def have learned my lesson now and I will go into 2014 a bit wiser and smarter. Listening more to my body and do a few things in training different. I take it as a positive I havent got an Ironman in my legs since 12months now. so after racing over that distance since 2005 it may be a good thing my body got that little break now. Hopefully in a few years I will look back and say that 2013 was an important year. it helped me to become a stronger athlete. 

Mathias Hecht

Mathias Hecht


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