2 Jul 2014

Chiemsee triathlon

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This was only 3rd edition of Chiemsee triathlon but it already attracted more than 900 competitors. Even before the start it was clear why this race is gaining popularity so quickly. Organisation was superb and many things were done better then in some much richer races.

I was hoping to get my confidence back at this race. The race in Kraichgau hinted that things were going in the right direction and I was hoping they will continue in the same direction on the Bavarian sea.

The race started well for me. After the initial chaos settled I recognised some familiar faces around, so I knew I’m swimming well. I reached the mainland in second pack, less than one minute behind leaders.

I had a messy transition and almost lost more time in those 1:30 min than in 27 min of swimming. My countryman Patrcevic and German Runz were with me in the first kilometers on the bike. We passed some competitors in the first 10km and had Liebelt and one more guy about 20s in front of us. In the next 10km that other guy pulled out, Lieblet pulled out of sight and I managed to pull out of sight of my two followers.

Weather forecast proved to be accurate. Midway through the first loop it started to rain, wind picked up and temperature went from 16 to 12C. The course was quite technical and the rain made it even more so. I had to hit the brakes early and often I braked too much as I didn’t know what’s waiting for me around the corner. In this conditions it was better to brake too much than a bit too little. Around 10km before T2 someone shouted that I’m in 7th position with 1 minute gap to 6th. I managed to close that gap just before T2 and got into transition with Chris Wigell.

Run course was quite hilly so it was hard to judge how well I was running based on my pace. However, judging by the time it took Wigell to get out of sight, I assumed I’m not doing too well. Usually, I start the run conservative and finish at an even more conservative pace. This time I went out a bit harder and expected that I’ll probably have to pay for that later in the race. However, I felt better with each step.

At the start of 2nd loop (of 4) we mixed up with competitors that were just starting their run so I always had someone to chase. Among them I tried to recognise those that could be in the same loop as me. I passed Liebelt at the end of 2nd loop, not long after my transition companion got into the sight again and I passed one more guy a bit later that got me into 4th place. About 2km before the finish line one more suspect appeared but his start number was quite high so I assumed he probably wasn’t in the same loop as me. Luckily, I was wrong. That guy was in the same loop and I managed to finish the race in 3rd position with the fastest run of the day.

I needed a race that would get my confidence back and show that all that training wasn’t a waste of time. With a very good swim, 301W average on the bike and fastest run of the day, this was exactly what I got and now I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.


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