8 Jul 2014

9th place at Ironman 70.3 Haugesund

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I have raced Ironman 70.3 Haugesund yesterday. Like I have anticipated in my prerace blog the weather wasn´t on my side. It was raining a little bit before the start and the temperatures did not rise much above 14°C before midday. But I think I made the best out of it.

I had a solid swim and lost just 2,5 min on the group which should have  put me in a good position for the bike ride. But unfortunately there were just the 8-10 guys far in front  of me and really no one with me. I have never before been so alone during a 70.3 race. I passed one rider 10K before we came into transition 2 but else I did not see one other competitor during the entire 90K on the bike. Sometimes it was even hard to not lose the focus because it did not feel like a race anymore. Still I think I had a real good bike performance pushing 273Watt average. This is 4,26W/kg for me. Still I did lose 2,5 more minutes on a group of 6 guys in front of me. When I came into transition two I got the first Information of the day, which was "you are in 11th place". I thought "good, with a solid run I should be able to run down  some of the guys in front of me". But right after that thought he added "just 5 min to 10th place". That was bad news... The plan was to start not too hard and  see how it looks like on the first turn around at 6k into the run. Until that point I already gained a lot of time and was just 2 min behind 10th place. But unfortunately I could not get down enough nutrition during the bike ride due to the cold conditions and I really started to bonk seriously at about 10K into the run. From there on the rest of the run was not more than a fast jog and I ended up in 9th place at the end. Due to an injury in Mai this was the first race of the year for me and I am quite happy with the result. A little better result would have been possible with a better run which I know I am capable of. But It leaves me optimistic for the rest of the season. Once again the race organizers of 70.3 Haugesund put together a perfect race with really nothing to complain about. Maybe we could order some warmer temperatures for next year ;-)?

Next race will be Ostseeman triathlon on August 3rd with its new bike course (1450 meters of elevation, a lot of wind and more sharp turns). I think Haugesund was perfect specific training for that race because it is very hilly and unrythmic as well. Time to claim the 5th title in a row :D!

Christian Nitschke

Christian Nitschke

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