28 Jul 2014

Challenge Roth

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After a great training period in the Suisse Alps near St. Moritz we headed to one of the biggest races on the globe: Challenge Roth! I’ve heard so much about this race and I’ve been there as a spectator in 2007. From that day on I knew that I should do long distance races. 7 years later I was at the start line:-) Unfortunately I had a really long lasting injury beforehand and was not able to do proper run training. So my first thought was that I should not start, but after so many weeks in the cold and light pressure of my coach, I decided to race even if the run won’t be that fast. It was really tough for my head because the real win will was missing. At the swim start I was in the 2nd row and when the race was kicked off I was repeatedly held under water and had a really bad start. Then I lost my swim cap. The first 90kms on the bike I had no idea where I was in the race until a photographer told me I’m 7th and only a few minutes behind the other girls. This gave me a flow. I pushed a bit harder and worked myself to the 4th position. The crowd was so amazing, I had tears in my eyes and was flowing over the course. The run started pretty well, but at km 25 I felt that I slow down a lot. OK, I knew this before and now I would have to deal with it and fought myself to the finish line in 7th position. This might seem not so good – well – but in front of me were real Champions and the podium of Hawaii 2013 was completed again! It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed every minute (except some run miles;-) but my love for this sport is back and I’m looking forward to the next race: Metaman in 4 weeks time! 

Diana Riesler

Diana Riesler

The nature girl from Germany who becomes a steam machine on the bike

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