2 Sep 2014

Austrian Trip - Triathlon's Part

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After the EC Duathlon, lets move to the ironman 70.3 Zell am See:

Monday I left Weyer and moved through Austria to join Salzburg to visit the city and get close to Zell am See where I was from Tuesday, August 26 to September 1. 

In Zell am See, I was in an apartment at 900m altitude. The beautiful lake is located at 700m altitude and the city wakes up day after day, not many people Tuesday, Wednesday some triathletes Thursday we see a little more and on Friday everyone were almost there! 
Personally, I did some workouts swimming in the lake to test the swimsuit, small laps to see if the bike is ok and check the run course along the lake. 
Friday briefing for the PRO, I inherited the number 30, we are 41 PRO men.

The tension begins to rise. My training since May were heavily focused on the duathlon (many course and bike but for short distances) and I do not feel ready to face a super fast start swimming, biking 90km course in 1lap combined with a half marathon. Especially since the weather the last few days was bad and it announced a rainy day on Sunday, and I fear the rain on the bike, mostly downhill! 

I decided Saturday to take this as a good experience and take back all the fun even if it starts raining. 

Sunday's race started at 10.00am for the wave of pros. I go at my own pace and sees two groups stand out in front, I caught up with some pros and we form a third group. The first 1000 meters are cool, I accelerate in the second half and exits at the top of my group, steering the bike park. 

Rapid transition, taking my bike and go for the 90km bike lap.
The 20 first kms are fast enough on a nice flat road. The rain is not yet in sight, as long as it lasts! 
Then comes a beautiful climb of 13km, leading us to 650 m to almost 1200 then a steep descent to return to 700m above sea level. Then back to the city on the main road. 

After 60kms, I feel good, I think I'm in the 20first PROs. But in the last 15 kms, unfortunately, the rain comes and cold with it. I lose a lot of time and energy to take corners safely and slow pace to not risk falling. 

Groups pass me, I'm losing ground, but I arrived in the transition area safely. I put the bike back, put on my shoes and run to the lake for the last part of the race, the 21kms distance. 

Then I know that this experience is already successful, I had a good swim considering the lack of training in recent months in swimming, I think I did a good bike for the conditions and training typed "short distance".

So it is relaxed that I begin to run. Also, I know that's my strenght, so I'm going at a good pace and catch up pretty quickly my closest competitors. 

I keep a good pace, despite a slowdown on 5derniers miles, I finished with a great time. 
I crossed the finish line by being satisfied with myself and my race looped 4:24. 

Later, I learned that I'm 12th in the PRO and 14th overall. With the 26th best time in swimming, 152nd time in cycling and the 5th best time on the run. 
Now recovering and return to Belgium Monday, September 1st!
This is how ends my Austrian adventure. Super positive, boost in motivation and ready to accomplish other goals by the end of the year! 
See you soon for more news!

Francois Humblet

Francois Humblet

Pro Triathlete & Duathlete on Sprint, Olympic and Half Distances

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