11 Aug 2013

Back to Mexico!

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This is my first blog for the Team TBB Website, so it’s really exciting for me!! Hope you like my updates and follow me from now on.

After a long trip from Australia, I’m finally in Mexico, ready to continue my training here with the team. I’ll be doing the Elite National Champs at the end of this month, so that’s why I arrived a bit earlier than all the other team members. I’m happy and very excited to be here again.

I went for a run in the morning two of days ago to a running track that has a 5km loop and I had a big surprise! At least hundred people were there! They were running, walking, doing exercises at that early hour in the morning. They were people from all ages, many young people and adults too. It was just really surprising for me, in a good way. I have never seen this scene in my life here in Mexico! I was so happy to see that Mexican people and the sport culture is changing. Honestly, I’m still surprised. But it’s a really good thing. I now can see much more people doing exercise than I used to see some years ago. Today I went for a ride with an old friend, and it was a bit similar, many cyclists out there, it was so much fun to ride with them! Hopefully, this sport culture continue to grow.

And this is all for now I think, I’ll keep you updated. Thanks a lot for reading! 

Ruth Nivon Machoud

Ruth Nivon Machoud

Swiss-Mexican Professional Triathlete, better known as Ruthless. 

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