18 Aug 2013

A training day in the heat

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Camp in the heat - its day 10 for me here in Thailand. Big day coming up with a swim and a big brick session in the afternoon. 

Its 7am and I'm on my way to the pool with my coffee mug in one and swim bag in the other hand. There is a nice outdoor pools waiting for me, early morning decisions to make: do I swim in the 25 or 50m pool today, line 1 2 3 ...7 or 8. The pools are free ... all mine this morning. I go for the 50m and line 5 (its all about favourite numbers). My set today: short WU then m/Set 4km HR and some kick for CD. I like this kind of session, one big block very efficiently and body feeling pumped afterwards. 

From the pool, it goes straight to the breakfast. I'm going for eggs and beans this morning (big day coming up) ... and of sure can't miss out on my 2nd and 3rd coffee of the day. 

Little rest back in in my room before I'll hit the road for my brick which will be several hours on my P5 with a solid 15km run of. I use the time between session to chat to my Family back home in Switzerland or get some interview request out of my way. Its midday now and up to 34deg, just love it. It means by the time I get back from the bike and start running it will be already late afternoon and maybe some degree less. If you believe it or not, but the roads here in Thailand are just the fastest and safest place to train on earth. Thai traffic is crazy but there respect cyclist on there roads and you also have always this 4m shoulder where you can ride on. 

I made it back and heading out now for my "On" run, feel pretty buggered already but hey, thats the feeling you always get jumping of your bike. I carry some water in my FuelBelt with me to make sure I make it back home without any passing out in the bush. Got cased by dogs only once today, guess they can feel the heat and humidity too (very laid back). 

Done: I'm done for today and also for this week. Its saturday night and I get a recovery day (triple splash) tomorrow. My boy taking me out for dinner tonight, best way to finish of a tough week.

Cheers from Phuket

Caroline Steffen

Caroline Steffen

Swiss-Miss with a Aussie accent, born in Spiez SUI live in Parrearra AUS. Mind strong heart soft, always fight till the ugly end. Chocolate and coffee lover!

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