19 Aug 2013

Mountains in the Alps and in Middle of Germany

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My 6. place in Abu Dhabi and 2nd at Challenge Rimini showed that I was on the uphill road back to my old performance. But life is never projectable. Short before IM Frankfurt my body said that he is not ready to start there. I had to step back and took a lot of deep breaths to get along with it. I didn’t have to stop training rather I could bike and swim really hard but I was not ready for a marathon. Jo and I spent a lot of time in Suisse (because Jo wanted to race the IM there and I said that I don’t want to stand at the side the whole day - therefore I had a really good training day;-) After the race we did some great training in the Suisse Alps: one loop was over 3000m of altitude! Although mountains are not my favorites - I loved it! Now I took Jo and showing him my old home around Jena (Thuringia). Jo is a typical Bavarian who thinks that we are the German Lowlanders. OK, we don’t have 3000m high mountains but therefore it goes only up and down – you hardly find flat parts for longer than 1min! Normally you have over 1000m of altitude on 100km. And you can be sure that one person is tired every eve: my coach Jo! From now on there are 2 more weeks to go for my first long distance race after a really long break (my last IM was in April 2012!). Really looking forward to race Challenge Vichy on 1st of September! 

Train smart!

Yours, Di

Diana Riesler

Diana Riesler

The nature girl from Germany who becomes a steam machine on the bike

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