18 Aug 2013

On deck with Brett Sutton

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One year ago my journey to be coached by one of the greatest triathloncoaches started in Leysin, the base camp of teamTBB. Why I wanted this? After contacts with several world class coaches, I needed a coach who could give me answers on my questions and not a look of 'what are you talking about'. Or giving me an answer if I we're a beginning coach or worse... So this summer we went with the whole family to Leysin so I could be on deck with Doc. This was exactly what I needed.
Keep it simple, not because it is simple, but a lot of coaches make training as complex as they can make it. And totally miss any clue.
After guiding twenty swimmers to the Olympics, many triathletes to World Champ, IM and 70.3 victories and last but not least the golden medal at the 2012 Olympics with Nicola Spirig, Brett Sutton has something to say about training, psychology and everything that is needed to be the best you can be.

The training method of Brett looks very very simple, but is based on 30+ years of experience, testing with lactate, programs, recovery methods, combination of training, character, body type etc,... So it's a whole package and that was exactly what I was looking for. These pieces of the puzzle makes the concept complete.
In my osteopathic office I know what to do with physical problems, food, emotional problems, training etc,... So this was common sense.

Now I have the manual to guide an athlete to be the best he or she can be. I only can get better when I keep observing of, listening to and learning from the great athletes I train right now!



Ferdinand Mulder

Ferdinand Mulder

Coach of teamTBBNL (Pro athletes Karlijn& Jasmijn vd Burg) and medical/ injury and rehab specialist of the TeamTBB.

Known for: inventive way of training, personal approach and always try to make the best out of a situation that suits the athletes needs (personal and technical) the best.

Besides coaching i'm an osteopath and treat a lot of physical problems in my office and give advice about injuries, nutrition, rehabilitation and all stress related items in life. Which I also test with the omegawave. 

" Stress is everywhere you can't hide from it so learn how to adapt "

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