20 Aug 2013


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I'm having rest for almost one year because my childbirth.

As you know from my husband Hiro's blog, we had a baby on last week.

The pain of childbirth was so hard to me.

That was harder than Ironman or 42 x 800m run interval training.

It takes 19 hours form began the pain.

I can't describe how much pain of my childbirth.

In other words of squat training, it's not just 100 or 200...

More than 1000 or 10000...

I have to do until my legs not move.

Anyway I have to care with my baby.

He wake up every hour or in two hours.

Then I have to give milk every time...

However my baby is so cute.

I kept easy training before the birth.

Swam and walk five times in a week. 

I will start my training in next month.

My next race will be Strongman Miyako in Japan in April 2014.

Thank you for cheering to us!

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