20 Aug 2013


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After more days of adaptation, everything is going as normal now. I’m back into my usual training routing. Now I’m getting ready to go to Veracruz to the Elite National Championships. It will be a interesting and fun race! I’m pretty excited to see how I go. I’ll keep you updated about it.

Not many things happening lately, but it’s always interesting to observe how a place and its people change with time. It’s not really often that I come back to Mexico these days, so it’s always interesting for me to come back and see how things change or not change at all. Every time I go out, I can see different things and from a different perspective. It’s amazing how your perspective of things can change so much just by the fact of being outside. You know what I mean? Talking to  people and friends here in Mexico makes me realize how hard it’s to analyse things differently when you haven’t had other experiences than what you have in your country or at home. And I’m not talking just about sports or triathlon, but about life in general. So when I’m here again, and I see the things changing or some others getting worse, I feel so lucky to have the life I got. To have the opportunities I have, to know the people that are helping me and that have helped me. Believe me, I feel incredibly lucky and thankful.

This is what I wanted to share with you now. There is an unthinkable number of people out there that will give anything to have the life many of you got, but that just can’t and will never, never, be able to. So take advantage of the things, the people, the qualities, the opportunities you got and exploit them to the limits.  

Wishing you a nice day and all the best for whatever your goals are,

Ruthless :-)

Ruth Nivon Machoud

Ruth Nivon Machoud

Swiss-Mexican Professional Triathlete, better known as Ruthless. 

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