23 Aug 2013

Living The Dream

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At first glance you might think what you are about to read is about me and the amazing journey I have been on the past several years...But this blog is not about me at all...its about the two people who made it possible for me to be “living” my dream. Without Alex Bok and Brett Sutton most of what I have been able to accomplish on the race course would not have been possible. They have helped me along and set my career on a course that I never could have dreamt of 5 years ago. Many athletes have come and gone over the years, most having their careers reborn or launched but one thing remains constant its always been about the athletes...Well, the time has now come to pay them back and with the launch of our new web page at www.teamtbb.com Alex and Brett are staring to live their dream! This is the launch pad we will be using to hopefully play a big part in seeing triathlon revolutionized!


Yes indeed the times are a changing. All of the athletes at team TBB are now going to have to do their part if Alex and Brett are indeed going to succeed in fully living the dream they have been working on for over 7 years now. I can recall my very first team meeting in Subic Bay back in February of 2009... Brett had all these drawings up on a board and he was talking about how he was going to transform our sport and give us all an opportunity to make a real living doing what we love to do. It all sounded great to me but I was such a novice I didn't have a clue what the real world of racing as Professional in the triathlon ranks had in store for me....


No doubt there have been some ups and downs along the way and many that have helped me keep my career going when I was either broke or broken, or need a pick me up as I struggled to figure out how to race for 8 + hours but non more so then Alex and Brett! That's why this past summer even though I wasn't happy when I was instructed to say in the USA to train and race rather then head back to the village in the Swiss Alps so many of us have been blessed to be able to call home for so many summers! Of course I wanted to go back to Leysin and we have found a wonderful base in Mountain City, TN at Redtail, but I still yearned badly to be back in Switzerland, where the cool walk to the pool in the mornings and the sometimes frigid descents down the mountains make you feel alive! I wanted more then anything to be on the Alpe d' Huez trip with the others but I had to remind myself, “Times are a changing!” and this summer wasn't about me, it was about them!


The 'old doc' hasn't been quiet about his intentions to step off deck so he can focus on the great good and so the time has come for many of us to learn to stand on our own two feet! You can see by my race results from the first 6 months of the year, I wasn't doing such a great job without the doc in my day to to day life but upon some reflection and his guidance I am back on track and looking forward to the rest of 2013! So my first step has been taken and in order for this to work we need others to take some steps along with us!


So I invite you to take a look around our new engine that is teamtbb.com! You will notice a much improved site that will soon allow you to have your very own profile, you can shop at our online store where you can purchase some of our sponsors products like the new TBB line of apparel. Team TBB.com is a place where you can learn more about ever growing coaching business that will be expanding around the world over the next few years to offer you the age group athlete, local coaching. You can also read up on the progress of our social projects that we have started in the Philippines and Cozumel and soon you will learn more about our exciting new race series that will go a long way in helping our development athletes have the same opportunities that so many other athletes have had over the past few years!


Team TBB is no longer a group of Professional Triathletes, we are now a growing community of people that through sport are hoping to make the world a better place by teaching young kids to choose sport over drugs, violence, and obesity, all the while we help each other To be The Best we can Be!


Yours In Sport!

Scott DeFilippis

Scott DeFilippis

Standing at 5'5'' and weighing in at a soaking wet 130lbs has come to the sport of triathlon from a long distance running background.  He has gained the playful nickname, "the animal" after one of his favorite running legends of the past, Mr. Rod Dixon as both Scott and Rod love to train like 'animals' and drink beer!  

Scott has a big heart, likes to talk, and enjoys the company of others, ideally while sharing a drink post training.  He has been a member of team TBB since 2009 and is currently being mentored by his coach, Brett Sutton, one day to become a professional coach himself.  But for the time being he keeps busy managing the online coaching side of team TBB...


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