3 Sep 2013

European Champion

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Dreams are there for come true! This I learnt last weekend at the ETU Champs Challenge Vichy. It took me a really long time till I could race a long distance again. After 1 ½ year I was ready to do so and it couldn’t have been more perfect! From the moment on I decided to race Vichy I dreamt of the European Champ title. Everybody said that I’m crazy. I only had 4 weeks where I was able to run after a 6 weeks break! It doesn’t matter to me. I told my coach Jo, I want to race and that he has to make a good training plan – I do the rest;-) Short before Vichy I torn my hamstrings and had to interrupt my running training. My longest run till then was a 2okms one! I was a bit afraid of racing – it felt like I would do my 1st long distance.

Now I want to tell you a bit about the race: It’s really great and well organized! The best before the race was that nothing was hurting and I had no injuries at all. The start went quite well and I realized that I had a good group. Even the course was marked really well (it’s a rowing course) they swam zick-zack in front of me – or maybe it was myself…

Short before end I dreamt a bit and suddenly I lost my group. I swam on my own the last 400 meters and exited the water as 3rd woman (55mins!) Yeahhhh! Someone told me that the swim is even a bit longer. The first 40kms I pushed hard on the bike and easily took over the lead. I hoped to catch a group but there was no group in sight. I caught Fromont and thought I should pull the brake a bit! We cycled together for a few kilometres but then our 3rd man had to let us go. From then on I circled a bit with him but Fromont got a bit slower and I had to cycle the last 20kms at the front. By the way I passed a few other professional men;-) Nevertheless the bike course was harder than I thought: 1000m of altitude, sometimes rough roads and the wind was blowing! How big was the surprise when I run out of the changing tent and saw Jo who entered the run course with me – wow! Now I knew that I was fucking fast. The photographer Thierry Sourbiet was running next to me and told me that I’m 9th man and only 20mins behind the leader! Deep breath and run on – I didn’t know how far the other girls were away and who it might be. 15kms before the finish line I heard that I’m 30mins ahead! I felt like crying. My legs were hurting like never before and I told me that it’s not far to run any more;-) I started to celebrate my Champ title a few kilometres before the finish line and was jumping up and down while celebrating with the mass – but then I had to enter the finish line: 8:59:42h – wow, I did it under 9hrs! I haven’t thought to do so because I didn’t watch my watch… the watch I wear was only for stopping the first kilometres of the marathon. I was 8th man (The 7th passed me on the finish line because I was celebrating;-) and European Champion! All those who know me closer know that it was a stony way and I wished my “father” would has been able to see me. This winter I lost him and thinking of him let me fly over the course – this EC title and my 1st big international victory is for him!

But without my team I wouldn’t have made it! Big thank you to temTBB, my coach Jo Spindler and Co-Coach Brett Sutton, Dr. Grosse for her medical support and that I can call her out of bed even at midnight, cervelo for a fast bike, On-Running for great shoes, Ignite Naturals for their really good products, cobb for my pink saddle, sailfish for the fast wetsuit, Rocktape for having no pain,  CEP for cool socks, adidas eye wear and to all those who still believed in me when I was in a big deep valley. A big thank you goes to Challenge Family which made it possible to become European Champ, to Gael&Amandine and their great team who organized a great race! It was a pleasure to race there! Thanks to all the athletes and spectators – without you such a race would not be possible!

The last weeks my family had to survive my chaotic life style, but training was seldom that easy than in Jena (my parents home): Mum was cooking, washing and cleaning everything;-) What a fantastic life to being a Pro! But soon I have to do everything on my own again...

Now I have a look on possible races with my coach – I have no plans at all.

The only plan is that we have to move because they want to rebuild the house. But where the new home will be is open and hopefully there will be a solution in the next few weeks. At least it has to be a place where the training conditions are perfect;-)

Merci beaucoup!


Diana Riesler

Diana Riesler

The nature girl from Germany who becomes a steam machine on the bike

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