5 Sep 2013

Animal Adventures

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It certainly has been business as usual over the past few months, however Scottie and I seem to have been almost all over the country either racing or training. And this is to continue for the next few months.

We have been in the US since May, and have spent most of our time tucked away in a new hidden training gem called Mountain City, Tennessee. We cannot thank the owners of Redtail Mountain Golf Club and the community of Mountain City enough for their generous hospitality. Mountain City sits just on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina and is home to some world class riding. Good roads, long climbs, minimal traffic. And once we worked out which roads led to where and which ones to avoid because of possible dogs, we found we had endless possibilities.

It is no secret to say that the first 6 months of this year for both of us was not good on the training and racing front. But with all mistakes comes some valuable lessons, and we both learnt from this and were able to put together some great training while we were in Tennessee/North Carolina.

We had summer weather that was similar to what we see now in Australia. Hot, humid, and thunderstorms most afternoons. We had rain for days for days in a row, but it did not stop us getting the work done. Training in this was ideal because we had similar weather (minus the humidity) when we raced Lake Placid Ironman. This was our first test of fitness, and we both raced recovered and were back in Tennessee and back at it for the next one, Challenge Penticton.

There’s something very special about Challenge races. It really is like racing with your family and friends. The whole atmosphere is friendly, relaxing, and uplifting. I felt it before the race, and on race day I fell in love with triathlon all over again. Sure, I was having a good day, but the vibe out on the course was one of full support from the volunteers, the crowd, and the race organizers. I just loved being out there. I cannot thank the Challenge Family enough for creating that wonderful memory for me and all of the other athletes out there racing.

Scottie and I have been back on the Jersey Shore for the last week and a half recovering and getting ready for our next move. We will be knocking out our sessions in Oceanside, California for the next 2 months with another Ironman coming up in Sept/Oct before heading to Florida for the final hurrah before we make our way to Australia. We hope to miss the bad weather there this time so we can continue our endless quest for warm summersJ Animals don’t like the cold!!

Carrie Lester

Carrie Lester

4 time Ironman Champion. Beach girl at heart. Coffee, chocolate and wine fanatic. 

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