23 Sep 2013

Last race of the season

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What a day, what a race, what a great experience! It was my first non-drafting olympic distance so I knew it was going to be a tough one. We left home at 7.30am and arrived at around 11.30am. The start was at 2pm so we had some time to check out the bike course. It was 6 loops which was a total of 40k. We knew there was going to be a hill and some sharp turns but didn't expect a 1km climb and that many turns. It scared me a bit but I knew that I was going up there 6 times and so were the others. The horn blew at 2.30pm as the race started a bit later than planned. We were off! and my goal was to swim fullspeed and not hold back. I had a good swim not perfect but good enough to be the second woman on to my bike. Now it was the moment of truth for me 40k solo, 6 hills, and to many turns to count. I didn't care anymore I knew I just had to keep the paddels going round. It was tough but I think everyone had that problem since there weren't any women passing me and the gap to number 1 stayed the same as did the gap to number 3. I started enjoying the course with the turns and some of the downhill parts and passing men going up! After the 40k it was just me and my running shoes. 10k to go. I know my running isn't that good at the moment so tough it was. It was good enough though to keep the 3rd place. Im upset the season is over but also really excited to get into that winter season train hard and improve lots and then hopefully get myself ready for an amazing 2014 season!!



INSPIRED BY WHY B.V. – John Baggen

Jasmijn van der Burg

Jasmijn van der Burg

I am 18 years old. Live in Holland and am part of the team TBB netherlands, with Ferdinand Mulder as my coach. 

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