27 Sep 2013

Ironman 70.3 Cozumel

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As soon as I arrived in Cozumel, I noticed that the climate was quite different from the last time I was on the island. The humidity is extremely high for this time of the year and it is impossible to be outside without sweating.
The first training days in Cozumel were therefore not easy and I first had to get used with the climate. After one week I already felt better and I was looking forward to the upcoming race.

The evening before the race, I got a very sore throat and I didn't sleep very well. In the morning, I felt even worse and I was not sure if I should really participate in the race. But because the race was hold in Cozumel and I already checked in and everything was ready, I decided to start and just try to do my best.

The swim was very good and a bit funny. The women started about one minute after the men. I didn't feel good in the Swim and just tried to follow the first women. When we were catching up the slowest men, I went by my own and couldn t see the other women anymore. Around 200 meters before the swim exit, I was really surprised when I caught the leading group from the men. But because of the currents in the ocean something like this can happen. So I was the first woman out of the water and had the fastest swim time overall. :)

But on the bike I realized quickly that I was not fit at all. From the beginning I had almost no energy and strength, and I also had to throw up a few times, so I definitely had no more energy left. However, since there was prize money to the sixth place, I didn’t want to finish the race early. So I just tried to stay in the top six. In the run I didn't feel as bad as on the bike and could even make up a place. Finally, I became 5th and was just happy that I have somehow managed to finish and the suffering was worth it. Under these circumstances I was very pleased with my race. I hope that I 'm recovering as fast as possible, that I am ready for the World Cup in a week, which is also taking place here in Cozumel.

Céline :)


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