11 Oct 2013

Shake it away!

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I’ve always wanted a Nutribullet ever since I visited Coach Matt’s house last November for a training session.  Aside from it was hard to find, it was quite expensive too!  That is why I was so happy when I found an alternative when I went to a department store last month.  Introducing …the Oster portable blender!

Compared to the normal blender which is bulky (and very lazy to rinse), this Oster blender is good for single-serve fruits shakes, smoothies, or what have you.  It only costs Php 1,600 (around $40USD).  At first, Alvin was hesitant to buy this.  He thought that I would just use it once and then it would be stuck in the cupboard forever!

Can you see the difference of how much storage space one blender can occupy compared to this porta-blender? The canister for blending comes with a lid that’s really convenient for people who are always on-the-go.

The first recipe I tried was red beets, mango, chia seeds and of course Alaska fresh milk.  I bought the fruits at the grocery that is peeled and pre-cut so I won’t have to bother all the trash and mess I will make in our tiny kitchen.  Also, I wouldn’t have to worry about excess fruits that gets spoiled overnight since I only buy what I need or want for the day.  A single make of the shake is already more than enough for me and Alvin, and sometimes Lucas.   It is so rich and tasty that I don’t have to put any sugar in it.

Before buying this, I used to buy fruit shakes inside the malls which is either overpriced or the shake tasted more like water than fruit.  This is as natural as you can get!  I am enjoying mixing and matching the fruits I see at the grocery together with my new supply of Alaska milk, whether its fresh milk or yoghurt milk.  Plus I get to eat different variety of fruits every day without the hassle. J Go get yours now!

Jenny Rose Guerrero

Jenny Rose Guerrero

Determined. Dedicated. Hardworking.

Former national swimmer who's giving triathlon another try.  

Enjoying being a mother to my 2-year old baby boy Lucas

Loves to eat even if I can only consume a handfull

Coach of the Ace Seawolves Swim Team


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