11 Oct 2013

Safeguard 51.50 Race Report

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Now we’re back at the beautiful Subic for another 51.50 race, this time a bit more challenging race course compared to the last one in June.

My teammates and I were so glad that our coach technically knew the race course at the back of his head since he lived in Subic for quite a few years.  His tips and advices gave us a heads up towards the race. 

This race had relatively a small number of participants mainly because it was supposed to be held in Clark, Pampanga where we were supposed to swim in a man-made lake of a wakeboarding park --  enough said. 

So anyways, our group arrived in Subic Friday late afternoon, got to the convention center to register and get our race kits, had a quick dinner then checked-in and called it a night.  Saturday we went for a quick touch-up swim at Brent International School swimming pool in Binictican Heights and in the afternoon came back to the convention center for the race briefing.

Coming into this race, I really don’t know what to expect.  After the 70.3 in Cebu, I was seriously in the grind for one last hurrah this year but exactly two weeks before this race, my body suddenly dropped and I felt like all my training for the year came out of my system.  It’s like a felt a shut-down.  I had a hard time breathing during run workouts, I’ve had burst of headaches during swim training.  I was wondering, what went wrong?  Is it because of my diet, or just simply fatigue and stress from all that happened this past year.  Since 2009 I had zero sports activities and just late last year I decided to give it another tri.  Maybe my body is still adjusting to everything that it’s been holding up this past year --  family, work, coaching, and every stress that come with it.

Anyways,  race day came and as we were heading to Kamana Beach Resort Coach Matt reminded us that this will be a challenging course not just for us but for everyone else, yup even the pros.  He just said go for performance, rather than result -  simply taking it one leg at a time.  We had to do 2 loops for the 1500m swim leg.  The water was calm and the scenery was amazing.  My only complaint was there were a more first-timers than expected so overlapping them during the swim was part of the challenge.  The bike leg was a hilly with a few steep climbs.  It literally had only less than 400m of flat surface!  I think the few number of participants helped since there were very minimal mishaps during the bike and drafting violations were much more controlled.  The run was the one I dreaded because coach warned us that it will be a 5 km uphill, and 5km downhill.  I actually don’t have any problems with the uphill, it’s the downhill that I was more worried about, just like in cycling.  I’m scared of downhill sections because those are more accident prone areas.  I was thankful that I had company (sir Javy of SMART) during the run that I didn’t notice we’ve already gone 5km into the run.  I finished the race 2nd in my category (Filipina Elite) and was very thankful to God for a safe race. 

I made sure that I would not get caught frowning in any part of the race, because I did not look good in ALL the action shots taken it Cebu 70.3 hahaha!  This race is one for the books again.  Despite the last minute venue changes and a small number of participants, it was still as organized and festive as the Century Tuna 51.50 back in June.  Congratulations to all the finishers, most especially the first-timers!  Great job everyone!

Jenny Rose Guerrero

Jenny Rose Guerrero

Determined. Dedicated. Hardworking.

Former national swimmer who's giving triathlon another try.  

Enjoying being a mother to my 2-year old baby boy Lucas

Loves to eat even if I can only consume a handfull

Coach of the Ace Seawolves Swim Team


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