Future teamTBB Country teams

teamTBB has made a strategic decision to establish other country teams in countries where triathlon is a relative big sport, but simply lacks the structured athlete development programs till date.

Team TBB has placed deliberate investment and management into these teams because they believe they are going to be important markets within the triathlon community.

This implies that in these countries, teamTBB is currently establishing contacts and relationships with potential country title sponsors and we of course welcome any potential country title sponsor to reach out to our team with the aim to establish a similar win-win partnership as has been established in other teamTBB country teams

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Since 2011, teamTBB has established the following country teams:

  • teamTBB USA
  • teamTBB Belgium
  • teamTBB Germany
  • teamTBB Japan 

For all these country teams we aim to create similar youth development programs as have been established with great success in The Philippines and in Mexico.

As triathlon continues to boom, so will the number of athletes and teams.