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    The Best you can Be
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    The Best you can Be


TeamTBB was formed in 2006 with a group of 18 professional athletes, a world-class coach and a passionate manager. A few years later we have grown to be the worlds premier triathlon team. Consisting of 38 professional athletes, a global network of elite TeamTBB certified coaches, various country teams and showcasing more race wins than any other team in the world of triathlon.

Our team is proud to have established elite development programs in countries such as the Philippines and Mexico, providing hope and opportunity through sports. 

Our Mission

To Operate a Sustainable and Professional Sports Organisation that helps improve lives around the world

To introduce an active lifestyle to people and communities around the world, with the aim to help people improve their physical, emotional and social health. 

We will achieve our mission by;

  • Leveraging on our current world-class athletes as role models
  • Providing education and information for every performance level from the recreational athlete to elite.


What We Offer 

  • A platform to connect people to an active lifestyle.
  • Inspiration and interaction with world-class coaches and athletes.
  • Insight, advice and expertise on a variety of technical, social and sporting issues.
  • Care and support to members of local communities, athletes and other team partners.
  • Our ability to reach communities by offering events.
  • A unique and all encompassing marketing platform and direct access to a large triathlon community and sponsors around the world.


Team TBB believes our offer will ensure our athletes achieve success at an international level while contributing to building a better world for youth and communities through sport. 

Our Vision

To Provide Hope and Opportunity Through Sports

We provide hope and opportunity to developing professionals, youth and age group athletes to enable all to ‘be The Best they can Be’, and hence TBB. 

Our aim is to provide the necessary tools to all athletes we serve and for them to become role models and taking the message of an active lifestyle and giving back to their communities.

Our Values

To Maintain a Culture and Environment Where Success is Inevitable

Team TBBs values are essential to our success. The team is formed by people from many different countries, cultures, and religions. Our shared values and high ethical standards are the foundation of our existence as they help to create the environment for success.

We look forward to engage with athletes of any level, sponsors keen to support our vision and to create a lasting impact on the wonderful sport of triathlon!

Our Values

  • Passion >

    Our passion for sport and the opportunities it can bring to people and communities around the world is the fuel that keeps us motivated.

  • Commitment >

    We are committed to excellence and will always work hard ‘to be the best we can be’. We promote continuous learning and development of ourselves.

  • Integrity >

    Our integrity is the structure that binds us together. By having trust and respect for each other, different cultures and beliefs.

  • Communication >

    Our communication will always be open, honest and transparent between all.

  • Consistency >

    We must be reliable and consistent in our attitude, implementation and performance over the short and long term.

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