21 Nov 2014

Diana Rielser makes Ironman Busselton her last race of the season

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TeamTBB pro, Diana Riesler, has decided to continue her already impressive 2014 by make Ironman Busselton her last race of the season.

After becoming the overall champion at Ironman Malaysia, Diana flew back to Germany thinking she had ended her season but her coach, Joseph Spindler, had a different idea, making Ironman Busselton on the 7th of December her last race for 2014.

They moved her training to Mallorca, Spain, for a warmer training venue as Germany was beginning to get cold. Rielser having trained in Mallorca at previous times in her career has always enjoyed training in Mallorca with there being less traffic, amazing biking, great pools, training with friends and the beautiful weather. They stayed in Mallorca for close to 5 weeks increasing her training to 30 hours a week while working on her swimming and paying particular attention to her running.

Riesler and Jo will soon be heading to Australia to help her aclimatize where she will train with Dimity-Lee Duke and familiarise herself with the race course.

Diana had this to say about her upcoming race

     Really looking forward to Ironman Busselton. I assume it will be a tough and strong field there, stronger than the years before. I hope to finish the season with a really good race, fly back to Mallorca and enjoy a peaceful Christmas with only a little bit of training!

We at TeamTBB wish her the best of luck in her training and her upcoming race at Ironman Busselton!

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