19 Sep 2013

Maastricht Olympic Triathlon

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Jasmijn van der Burg and Karlijn van der Burg two of our teamTBB Netherlands athletes are racing the Maastricht Olympic distance race on Sunday. This will be their last race of the European season.


This weekend the race will take place on the other side of Holland, Maastricht. An Olympic distance race and non drafting. I am curious to feel what a 10k run is like after a 40k solo ride. To bad it's already my last triathlon of the season.


On Sunday i'll be racing in Maastricht. This will be my last triathlon race for this season. Really looking forward to it especially since it is a non-drafting race. Curious to see what will happen to those that aren't strong bikers and normally draft off of other people. Hopefully it won't be too cold and wet.

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