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8 Oct 2013

Meet Kona Star: Xena!

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Ironman World Championships
12 Oct 2013

Our Xena, Caroline Steffen, is not a podium hopeful.  She is an heir apparent winner just waiting to grasp her title!  Xena has twice finished 2nd here and is ready to take the top spot this year.  After a slower start to the year, Xena has more than made up for lost time winning everything in the second half of her season including decisive victories in Roth and Metaman.  We expect to see Xena leading the race most of the day as usual but this time we know no one will be able to wrestle the win from her iron grip!

Here is our interview in Xena's words:

Name: Caroline Steffen

Age: 35

Years on teamTBB: 4 years

First time in Kona? 4th time

Years and finish place in previous Kona races? 2nd, 5th, 2nd

Top race results from 2013? 1st Challenge Roth

Race day rituals?  Having my Mars bar before swim start

Any special Mental prep for the big day? I focus on my own race tactics.

Any Advice for age-group athletes? Race as you always do, don't change anything because you're in Hawaii

Biggest Mistake in an Ironman? Not taking enough food on the bike because you "don't feel like eating" 

Most common rookie pitfall? Going to fast in the first 10km of the marathon

What is your favorite thing to eat/drink on bike? Run? Gel's and marsbar's

Most helpful advice you ever received? The race is over when you cross the finish line 

What item is always with you race morning? Body Glide for her (anti chafing balm)

Favorite thing to do in Kona post-race? Stand up paddle boarding


Ironman World Championships - Ironman World Championships

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