30 Aug 2014

Ostseeman 2014 - it never get´s boring

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I know it is late, but originally I was not sure if I should write an Ostseeman blog this year. People might find it boring to read the fifth time about the fifth victory in the same race. I had some time to think about this and I don´t think so. It seems to me that wining the same race over and over again is actually never the same. The fife races I have won now seem entirely different to me. The preparation was different, the weather was different every year and the main contenders for the win were different. I think this might be a reason why the emotions before during and after the race were the same like in the previous years. I would even say they are going deeper the more I get involved in that race. It almost feels as if I have become a part of this unique race in northern Germany. Pros come and go, race directors come and go even races come and disappear again. Isn’t it nice to have some consistency here and there? I felt the same tension the days before race day and was once again overwhelmed when I reached the finish line. It never gets boring. This is what I have worked for during the last year of training. That is what I have motivated myself for during uncountable hours on the bike, in the pool and on run tracks. This is what I had to keep in my mind when I trained on snow, in pouring rain, in the heat, with crazy headwinds and when I did not want to train any more at all. And it is worth it. Just for that moment when you cross the finish line.

Furthermore this race is not about me. I might be able to motivate other people through my performance to start training, to aim for personal goals and to achieve them. But at the end every participant of such an event goes through the same phase of commitment and self discipline to achieve his personal goal. Everyone has these “why the hell am I doing this” moments. But everyone has the same deeply satisfied and emotional moment when he crosses the finish line. All have achieved a personal goal, no matter if it is wining or finishing the race.

After the race I once again helped out in an aid station to experience the other side of such an event. Without several hundred volunteers such a race would never be possible. It is also about them and not just about the participants. I stood in that aid station to hand out water and coke for less than an hour and it already felt like hard work. Most of the volunteers do this an entire day! This should be really appreciated of every participant in such a race. Even I had thoughts like “Couldn’t he have held the cup a bit higher to make it easier to take it for me?” when I passed an aid station once. But now I know after you have passed some thousand cups of water you simply don´t have much power left to do so ;-).

Thanks so much that I could experience this once again! Singha beer, Cobbcycling, Tbbapparel, Doppelherz, Reinhard Husen and all the other who have been involved!


Christian Nitschke

Christian Nitschke

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