6 Oct 2014

Andrej Vistica takes third at Natureman

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Moral of the story: Never give up.

I raced NATUREMAN today.

After 60k on the bike people were still shouting: "Dusieme". I don't speak French but know enough to know that's not what I was hoping for. Then things went in different direction quickly. I passed a lot of guys on the last climb and by the top found myself in the lead. Together with Mike Aigroz I attacked on the downhill and got a small gap. I wanted to be first off the bike but he passed me just as we entered the no pass zone.

I felt bad on the run and spent most of it with Mike in 5 & 6 position. Then once again things turned 5km before the finish as we passed 3 guys within 200m. Mike found another gear and got away so I took the last step on the podium.
3rd place not far behind Marcel Zamora (5x Embrunman and Ironman Nice champion) and Mike Aigroz (6 at Hawaii, 3 at Roth).

For the mayority of the race it didn't look like this will be one to remember but at the end it wasn't so bad.

Race course was very hard both on bike and run but also very scenic and superbly organized.

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