29 Oct 2014

Bad luck since Ostseeman

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It is always hard to write about things that did not went according to the plan. The rest of my 2014 season was exactly the oposite of what I had in my mind. After the great race at Ostseeman triathlon with a new course record time I planed to use 70.3 Rügen as a build up race for Ironman Malaysia. In 70.3 Rügen I ended up with my first DNF in 10 years of triathlon. I really don´t know how many races I have done, but not to finish is something really frustrating. I ended up in hospital that day because the race doc suspected a muscle fiber rupture. Fortunately this could not be approved by ultra sound examination and I could start to train normally after one week again. I decided to use the remaining 12 weeks to prepare 100% for Ironman Western Australia in December. The preparation went well in the begining and I had some good training results. In the beginning of october I started to feel some lower back pain which got worse and worse. After a cross duathlon I could not even walk for some days and I had to make the tough decission to end this season and give it the nessecary time to heal. When your kids start to use kinesio tape on their stuffed animals because such tape seems to hold dady together and they want to help their toys as well, it is time to rethink ;-).

I have used the time to start to plan my 2015 season and to find the reasons for my injuries. In retrospective I still can count myself as fortunate that I never have been injured before this year. I hope that I know what to do to prevent this kind of injury in the future. But sometimes you have to play a bit with the fire to find your personal limits. I think when you never cross certain borders it is imposible to reach 100% of your personal best performance. I have also used the time for my new personal website www.nitschke-triathlon.de and there will be a lot more to come at www.nitschke-triathlon-onlinehandel.de as well concerning cobb seats and apparel.

I think I might have learned more from this year, then from the other years before. Patience is a strenght that I should use more often ;-).

Christian Nitschke

Christian Nitschke

Father   -   Husband   -   Triathlete   -   Scientist   -   Perfectionist

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