18 Aug 2013

Specific strength training for swimming

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Strength training for swimming

A lot of people think they have to train in the weightroom to gain strength. Also a lot of people think they gain a lot of weight by doing strengthtraining.

Both WRONG!!

Best way to train swimspecific strength is in the pool with:

1.     Swimpaddles ( look at a good size, comparing to your strength and look also at the right paddles for your specific stroke)

2.     Tube (innertube of a baby buggy) for resistance training.

3.     Band (piece of elastic around the ankles)

4.     Use them separate or all togehter, wit or without a pullbuoy

Besides technique, strength and power endurance are of great importance for a good open water swim. Keeping the technique is the most difficult part in swimming. When you don’t have the fitness to keep your technique for 1500-3.8k than your swim times in open water will be dissapointing. Swimming for 25-200m with a good technique is easy.

So don’t swim on swimprograms which are developed for an indoor pool and most of the times with a lot of drills. Save your energy and work on your swimfitness. With real triathlon swimprograms.

Most triathletes have an average of 3 pooltimes in a week so don’t do drills for 20 minutes every swimsessions. Just swim!

3 years ago I started with athletes Karlijn and Jasmijn van der Burg (teamTBBNL) to develop their swimskills. I started first with perfectioning their technique (they have a swimming background) and bit by bit I increased the strength part in it. After 3 years they are ready and both swim in the front pack.

Example of a wwimming program for specific strength:

Beginners set:

Warm-up  4x100m Pull Buoy/ paddles/ tube or band Rest 15 sec

200 easy

3x100m Pull Buoy/ paddles/ tube or band Rest 15 sec

200 easy

2x100m Pull Buoy/ paddles/ tube or band Rest 15 sec

200 easy

1x100m Pull Buoy/ paddles/ tube or band Rest 15 sec

Cool down



Ferdinand Mulder

Ferdinand Mulder

Coach of teamTBBNL (Pro athletes Karlijn& Jasmijn vd Burg) and medical/ injury and rehab specialist of the TeamTBB.

Known for: inventive way of training, personal approach and always try to make the best out of a situation that suits the athletes needs (personal and technical) the best.

Besides coaching i'm an osteopath and treat a lot of physical problems in my office and give advice about injuries, nutrition, rehabilitation and all stress related items in life. Which I also test with the omegawave. 

" Stress is everywhere you can't hide from it so learn how to adapt "

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