This Sunday Challenge Roth celebrated its 30th birthday. Strong field of pro athletes assembled for the birthday party. Weather was as hot as the competition and 19% DNF rate is a good measure of conditions on the day. I had a good swim and got out of the water in 2nd group, 4…

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23 Jul 2014
In the last few years the highlight of the first part of my season was Challenge Roth and this year won’t be an exception. I’ve had my ironman distance debut there in 2011. Six months earlier I went from full-time to part-time job (30h/week) and started working with Jo as…

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15 Jul 2014
Small copy and paste my report of the championships of Belgium duathlon in Wevelgem last year: "It is the height, I collapse on arrival and I can not believe until the second arrives and congratulates me.Wow, it's done, I'll get in a few minutes on the highest step of the…

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10 Jul 2014
My youth dream was to cycle real Alp passes while I discovered my passion for cycling. The last weeks I was allowed to live this dream almost every day thanks to our friends Oli and Viola. Albula – Julier – Flüela – Maloja – Bernina = 30kms climbs, gorgeous landscapes,…

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9 Jul 2014
I have raced Ironman 70.3 Haugesund yesterday. Like I have anticipated in my prerace blog the weather wasn´t on my side. It was raining a little bit before the start and the temperatures did not rise much above 14°C before midday. But I think I made the best out of…

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8 Jul 2014
I arrived in Norway on Wednesday and already have had the possibility to train on the swim, bike and run course. There were no changes compared to the last two years, but especially the bike course is partly very technical where it is easy to loose a lot of time…

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4 Jul 2014
This was only 3rd edition of Chiemsee triathlon but it already attracted more than 900 competitors. Even before the start it was clear why this race is gaining popularity so quickly. Organisation was superb and many things were done better then in some much richer races. I was hoping to get…

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2 Jul 2014
It is a long time ago since I wrote my last blog. But you can be sure that a lot has happened and there is much to come. First of all, and this is really outstanding, this is the 8th year of team TBB and for me personally my 4th…

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21 Jun 2014
Another slow swim and average bike&run. That’s how my Challenge Kraichgau performance looks like if you look only at results list. However, it was better than it looks and there are quite a few positives that I took from the race. After my last race in Barcelona we changed my swim…

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19 Jun 2014
Just like last year, I won the triathlon of La Roche in the Ardennes, one of the most beautiful races in Belgium. It consists of a 1k swim in a reservoir surrounded by trees, a 95k bike course with 1900m ascent and 3 times the hard climb to the col…

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17 Jun 2014
I prepared these European Championships by going for a jogging on saturday, 11.8km Beauvechain which I won. On sunday I made a multi-session training on track with my bike on a Tacx. Goal: to run 2km high speed, get on my bike to cycle 5km, and put my running shoes again for a 1km run at 100%. All…

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1 Jun 2014
Race at 6.00 pm, so the day was a long time waiting!Wake up at 10:30, nice breakfast, preparing stuffs for the race, 2.00 pm diner, then going to pu the bike in the transition, check etc.Then in the bike park, there is a "show", each athlete is called one by one, then runs 200m in front of the crowd…

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12 Jun 2014

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